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  1. chris bailey

    Dead Papilio Plus?

    Sorry about that. As you point out, it is a Pro not a Plus. Chris
  2. chris bailey

    Dead Papilio Plus?

    I was working with my Papilio Plus yesterday on a circuit to drive a LCD display and at one point I was plugging in the USB cable and the LED power flickered and then went out and my PC warned me that the device was drawing too much current. The LCD circuit board is all LVTTL and it had been working for a while prior to the problem (I was NOT powering the backlight from the Papilio and the backlight is on a completely different connector). Now my board will not light off the USB (and the computer does not recognize it). A few possibly useless pieces of info: If I use the +5 to the external (PWRIN) connection, the pwr LED lights. I was probing around with my volt meter (I am not very experienced in the analog wold..) and from the schematics, it looks like if the PWR Select jumper is removed, then I should see +5V from USB pin 1 to 5 unless the C9 coupling capacitor is shorted; but I get no voltage reading across pin 1-5 Any suggestions? Thanks, Chris Bailey