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  1. Dro

    FPC Open LDI Display on FPGA

    Ok thank you Jack. I will first go and check those links!. Dro.
  2. Hi, I need some helpto display videoon a TFT LCD touch screen using FPGA. The problem is that theTFT uses FPC connection (a card adpt it to open LDI or Parallel port,am not really sure) but i only have I/Os and VGA output. I have already design with an FPGA but using VGA output. I need to know: - If it is possible to make a video controller with the FPGA, suited for the Screen, and use I/Os to communicate with the screen. -If there is a way to adapt FPC or OpenLDI to VGA, even using a pcb,so if there is no protocol problems. - If you have another solution to control the screen with my FPGA. Thanks a lot.