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  1. burann

    Papilio DUO - Prototype builds and testing!

    Sign me up for one with a patch wire, seen worse !!
  2. burann

    Papilio DUO - Prototype builds and testing!

    I was refering to a DAC, planing to build a small retro computer out of this and its not complete without a mod/xm player Can I put down an order now for it ?
  3. burann

    The case for SRAM

    >So you already have to deal with "contention" on your system, because you have two masters accessing the memory, is this correct ? I plan to split time between CPU, graphics, sound into time slots based around scanline time >are you using any standard IO bus to connect the components ? Not standard in sense of Wishbone, just top module interconnecting the various parts, memory access signaling >No. It needs to accomodate the controller being busy, and to accomodate that read acknowledges (valid signal) can only come after a few cycles. Yes, but in the SRAM case, I dont have to deal with refresh timing that happens under the hood in the controller. >Even with SRAM you would have that issue due to the multimaster architecture. Sure, but the design would be pretty static in usage time since I would base everything around a scanline timing. I'm finding my way around and are no expert on this, but I think the right way to go is SRAM, it would make the whole thing a bit more expensive, but easier to wrap my head around, less VHDL.
  4. burann

    Papilio DUO - Prototype builds and testing!

    When do you expect to ship the board ? This board have pretty much everything I had on my list except maybe a DA (?) Really looking forward to this board, money on the table !!
  5. burann

    The case for SRAM

    Hi Alvie, I'm in now way saying its not possible and the SDRAM controller work mentioned is great, but for many hobbyists like me, its a steep learning curve to work with the dynamic nature of SDRAM et al, even if the controller is simple to use, the rest of the design need to accommodate for the memory characteristics. For what I'm doing 2 MB of 10 ns SRAM would be perfect, it would provide some 50:ISH MB/sec transfer rate (?) and thats more than enough to do basic VGA and have half bus time over (?)
  6. burann

    The case for SRAM

    That sounds great, when can I get my hands on the Duo ? Also, I have been flicking trough the pages but can find a complete spec sheet for it, I found a PDF but the link was 404.
  7. I'm looking for a FPGA platform that have around 2 MB of fast SRAM, vga/hdmi or DVI out, audio and clocked around 100 Mhz. So far I've found allot of projects with SDRAM and like, but no SRAM. which is a bit surprising, sure its more expensive, but almost all these boards are targeted at hobbyist and writing a SDRAM controller thats more advanced than just reading/writing a byte is allot of work that is probably beyond a large part of the potential customers. My ideal card would be: - Spartan 6 LX9+ - 2 MB SRAM (<10 ns) - Flash - SD Card - USB x 2 - DVI/HDMI - 2 channel audio - Some GPIO The glove is right there on the ground, hope someone picks it up