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  1. david1234

    LogicStart MegaWing

    Please disregard. After I added the constraint file, I did not "Rerun All" for option Generate Programming File. Thanks!
  2. david1234

    LogicStart MegaWing

    Hi there, I have downloaded my bit design file to the LogicStart MegaWing as per the book IntroToSpartanFPGABook.pdf. The design is very simple, it is the one in page 15, and since I am using the papilio pro, I am using the following definitions for the ports for led_0,led_1 and switch_0 and switch_1: NET switch_1 LOC = "P115" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL;NET switch_0 LOC = "P114" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL;NET LED_1 LOC = "P124" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL;NET LED_0 LOC = "P123" | IOSTANDARD=LVTTL; I have also successfully added the "Hello World" bit file which works fine on the papilio pro but the bit file that I have generated does not seem to be working with LogicStart MegaWing. After I download the bitfile I get the following:JTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x24001093 Desc: XC6SLX9Created from NCD file: Switches_LEDs.ncd;UserID=0xFFFFFFFFTarget device: 6slx9tqg144Created: 2014/03/14 23:29:14Bitstream length: 2724832 bits Uploading "X:\fpga_workspace\test\switches_leds.bit". DNA is 0x398581f20cf18efeDone.Using devlist.txtProgramming time 765.0 msUSB transactions: Write 175 read 7 retries 0 I also see, the first 3 character displays enabled; is this normal?Can anyone help?Thanks,David switches_leds.bit