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  1. xyz

    Low level FPGA programming

    You explain this correctly. But in quote it is wrong to say "open configuration bitstream".
  2. xyz

    Low level FPGA programming

    Thank you johnbeetem. I decide to find more, about configuration bitstream. In this paper: it is written: Is this mean, that cell structure of FPGA is also not open (i.e. what components are contained in 1 cell)? Actually cell structure is essential for performance of FPGA.EDIT: In this place: it is written opposit to above, i. e. that:
  3. It is clear, that with Xilinx software and VHDL ane can programming FPGA. My question is: Where I can find protocole to programming logic cells directly? For example if you have none standard os, then how you can programming Spartan 6 FPGA?
  4. xyz

    Need a new name for a new CPU

    alvieboy, why you not write tutorial, how to extend your processor with some type of instruction? Starting is easier with recipe - what to do step by step, instead of learning all structure of used software products, hardware, and you processor software implementation.