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  1. akshay

    ZPUino Info

    Thanks a lot Jack!
  2. akshay


    Hello Everybody I am working on a project that involves the use of SPI communication from the papllion fpga to a slave device(an led strand),So my question is, will I be able to use the SPI library for avr8 soft processor ( I noticed the the VHDL files for the softprocessor do not have an SPI module included in it, but they do have the UART module, MUX ,Ports , custom core etc). If yes, then how can it be done?. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need this for my school project. Thanks!!
  3. akshay

    ZPUino Info

    Hi..I am planning to use the ZAPuino for my spartan 500 fpga board,and I wanted to build my custom peripheral that performs some custom function(for example say inputs obstacen distance from an ultrasonic sensor and outputs the distance on screen in vhdl), could someone please guide me on the steps i need to take to accomplish this?..thanks!
  4. akshay

    Adding an UART to AVR8

    Hi, even I have the same problem. I want to add additional uarts to my pavilion one fpga running the avr8 soft processor. I basically need one additional UART module to connect it to one of my GPIO pins on the fpga, so please if you do have knowledge about it, do share it with us