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  1. awallin

    Pipistrello OLS now officially supported by sigrok

    is the sample-rate still limited to 200 MHz? Does that vary with the number of pins sampled?
  2. awallin

    getting started (libftdi on ubuntu 14.04lts)

    Yay! this works now. copy/pasted the pins from "BPM7003-Papilio-Pro-LogicStart-MegaWing-general.UCF" to my UCF file and rebuilt and reprogrammed.
  3. awallin

    getting started (libftdi on ubuntu 14.04lts)

    yep this seems to be solved now. I re-built papilio-prog like this: Papilio-Loader-2.6/papilio-prog$ make clean Papilio-Loader-2.6/papilio-prog$ ./autogen Papilio-Loader-2.6/papilio-prog$ ./configure Papilio-Loader-2.6/papilio-prog$ ./make then I copied the resulting binary to where expects it to be. Now it seems to work: does that look right? I was using the UCF example from the book. Maybe that is not right for the Papilio Pro + LogicStart MegaWing 1.2 ? now when I flip the switches nothing happens - but maybe the pin numbers have changed from the Papilio One? (any chance the book author could take pull-requests with updates on github?)
  4. awallin

    getting started (libftdi on ubuntu 14.04lts)

    Thanks for the link. I tried more or less exactly following those instructions. I still get the same error: (symlink to mentioned in first post now removed) $ sudo papilio-prog -b switches_leds.bit papilio-prog: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I noted that "papilio-prog" is a symlink: /usr/local/bin/papilio-prog -> /opt/GadgetFactory/papilio-loader/programmer/linux32/papilio-prog I also noticed that simply copies a pre-built binary into above said location. Maybe I need to build papilio-prog myself, since I'm on a 64-bit system?
  5. Hi all, trying to get started with a Papilio pro over here! Xilinx ISE tool downloaded, followed switch_led example from the book, built bit-file. Now trying Papilio Loader 2.6 at first it said /opt/GadgetFactory/papilio-loader/programmer/linux32/papilio-prog: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory so I tried sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /usr/lib/ now it says: /opt/GadgetFactory/papilio-loader/programmer/linux32/papilio-prog: error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 any ideas? 32-bit library needed? Please tell me papilio-loader will work on a 64-bit system!? nobody uses 32-bit OS installs anymore! thanks,Anders
  6. awallin

    LM32 softcore on Papilio Pro?

    Hi all, Is it possible to run the LM32 softcore cpu on the papilio pro? How much space/resouces does the LM32 occupy compared to a simpler soft-microcontroller? thanks, AW
  7. Hi all, I'm wondering what fraction of the FPGA resources on a Papilio Pro are free to use for custom logic when an AVR8 or ZPUino is loaded onto the FPGA? Are there common things (software defined radio? or other big/nontrivial things) people want to do with the PPro that won't fit together with a Soft Processor? Can someone give an example of the complexity/size of VHDL code that will fit (or not fit) along with an AVR8/ZPUino? thanks, AW