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  1. Hi, My project is to implement a real time signal plot on a VGA display, a kind of oscilloscope output(but not exactly). I use the adc on LogicStart Megawing to get the data (a sound signal from mic- attached to a stethoscope to obtain heart sounds) and just want to get its amplitude waveform displayed on a VGA display in real time. I am afraid, but I have not written any code to show you. I am unable to understand a method (logic/program) for accomplishing the task. Hope you will help me to overcome this difficulty. Regards, Tom
  2. Hey guys, I am working on a project to display realtime signal as a plot on the VGA display using Papilio One 500k board with the help of Logicstart Megawing. I'm able to display text message on VGA but it is difficult for me to display a real time signal. It would be very helpful if any of you guys could help me with the logic/program to overcome this difficulty. With regards, Tom