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    Memory initialization

    Thanks for posting this, it does look a lot cleaner than cutting and pasting the raw values.
  2. I was thinking what you are providing is like an artist's palette of schematic elements. Different artists combine different colors in their own style, creating unique works. Papilio and Palette both begin with a "pa" sound so Papilio Palette HDP -> Hardware Description Palette The way you described the software, those two names miss the whole debugging interface aspect. More like a workshop for hardware creators, perhaps a studio? Papilio Logic Studio Hardware Construction Studio Hardware Schematic Studio "Schematic Conductor" was another one. Conductor like the leader of a band directing the individual players (schematic elements) to play the music (signals) correctly, making corrections as necessary and listening for misbehaving players (JTAG debugging). Or just an electric schematic that acts as an electrical conductor.
  3. Butterflies drink from flowers to get their life force, much like the Papilio would draw from your new system to get the design in to work. So perhaps flower names would be a good choice, with the logo being a simplistically drawn flower. Flos is Latin for flower (according to google translate). The acronym might be Flexible Layout & Observation w/ Schematics. I also liked HIAsynth (rather than Hyacinth) for Hardware Inspiration Application. It fits in with the musical synthesizer themes that float through your work.