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  1. kesrut

    ZPuino VGA image dat format

    Specifications for .dat file ? (how many bytes/bits used for one pixel etc) I recently wrote BMP loader for myself maybe I can write converter.
  2. kesrut

    ZPuino VGA image dat format

    I was trying using this tool (png2zpuinohqvga).I don't remember from where I downloaded it (google speechless too). I uploaded it to my dropbox: But it don't work for me. I attached result image in previous post. If anyone will find how to do right image conversation please write in this post. And which tools to use.
  3. kesrut

    ZPuino VGA image dat format

    Hello, Thanks for response. I'm on Mac now. But I tried software like Gimp. I can try make image on Linux or Windows. OK. Now I'm using Gimp. Saved png with 160x140 size. i'm using ZPUino IDE on Mac (compiled on my own). Log: Binary sketch size: 1,912 bytes (of a 12,160 byte maximum) - 1,868 bytes ROM, 64 bytes memory, 15% usedUpload param is -e "{build.path}/smallfs.dat"SmallFS filesystem found, appending extra data file to FLASHBoard: GadgetFactory Papilio One 500 w/ 8-bit HQVGA @ 92000000 Hz (0xa4010e01)Programming completed successfully in 47.18 seconds. Result of image:
  4. kesrut

    ZPuino VGA image dat format

    Hello, Which app to use to save PNG file and then convert it with png2zpuinohqvga tool to get correct image ? Given example works, but not my own (getting random colors). I can't find information about image size and colors count, too. Thanks