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  1. KTL

    Using Papilio One as logic analyzer

    THanks Jack. I could connect VDD and see the level change in the channels. But my debugging of SPI is not working. Still looking into it. WIll get back if I need more help. Thanks again
  2. KTL

    Using Papilio One as logic analyzer

    Maybe the above mail was not clear. I would like to know the pins to which I can connect the trigger signals. Right now I am not able to see any toggling on any of the channels
  3. Windows8 was not installing the FTDI drivers for some reason. I manually installed it and now it works. Thanks for the reply
  4. KTL

    Using Papilio One as logic analyzer

    Thanks. With the latest code I am able to open the device at 115000 baud rate. However I am unable to find out which channel maps to the physical pins on papilio. Can you send the link for the mapping of pins ? When I set 100MHz sample rate the capture gets completed in 2.53s. Is this expected ? Does the code forward the date to sniffer or does it store it and then forward it ? Basically I would like to know whether there is any memory limitation ?
  5. Am trying to get Papilio One working with WIndows 8. The screen shows no change when I say write to FPGA. Looks like it is hanging. Under device drivers it shows dual RS232. But says it has not been installed correctly. There is a yellow exclamation mark next to it. Can someone help ?
  6. KTL

    Using Papilio One as logic analyzer

    I used the bit stream from http://gadgetforge.gadgetfactory.net/gf/project/lax/ It successfully uploads to the board. But when I try to connect to it it says no reply from device. Do I need to buy extra wings of some sort to connect to the serial ? Or is it the defualt USB to Serial which it uses? Is there a wiki for this anywhere? Also I am writing to the SPI flash of the Papilio
  7. I am trying to use papilio one as a logic analyser. However everytime I try to connect to it using Jawis client it says "Device not found". Could someone please help me out ? Baud rate is 115200