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    Mojo buyer - regretted :(

    Hello, First of all, I'm sorry for asking my question here, I don't have a Papilio, instead I've bought a Mojo v3, and I think I will regret it for a long time... The hardware is fine, it's the support forum that bugs me, almost dead :| Also, I'm still a newbie on FPGA so here it goes: Mojo communicates with the AVR onboard and then with the PC via serial port (http://embeddedmicro.com/tutorials/mojo/hello-world/)I've been using this project as starting point, and want to make a simple change:Input data via serial, and after pressing Enter, the FPGA would return the data again.I think I need a shift register and ram right? or just a big vector?Could someone point me some tutorial or best way to acomplish this?I can only use 8bits with tx_data and rx_data.After understanding this, what I really want is to send a string, have it processed by a MD5 core, and then make it return the hash, everything via UART. Thanks! BTW: After I understand the basics, my intention is to convert this: http://infinityexists.com/videos/fpga-md5-cracker/ To Spartan6LX9, without VGA or PS2 keyboard. Yep, still a loooong way, too much to learn
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    Mojo buyer - regretted :(

    Hi, Thank you both for pointing me the right direction. I'm already studying echo.v and with a little more reading and trial/error I think I might figure it out. Really, thanks again for the support.
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    Mojo buyer - regretted :(

    Hi hamster. Love your tutorials/projects! You're refered all over the web on FPGA related pages and foruns And yes, already had those links As stated above, I'm still a newbie with Verilog, however, communication with PC is fine, I can work with it as long as I send/receive 8bits. My problem is, where to store it? Should I create a RAM core via the IP generator? A pratical example: I send 8 chars, being 8*8, where do I keep these 64bits, so that I can transmit them back to the PC ??? If you check the HelloWorld example, you'll see that they already provided the UART part, so this is no big deal. Thanks again. PS: The Mojo hardware is nice, and the tutorials too, don't get me wrong, I just dislike the lack of support via the official forum.