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  1. Hi again! I've installed the drivers on my window XP computer, and the situation was not better: nothing happens when I plug the Papilio into any of the us ports (with 2 different cables). I suspect that this is a hardware problem. Is there a way to check if the FTDI chip is working (against the hp that the problem is just a damaged usb female connector)?The RX and TX LED never flashed on my board... I have access to a multimeter, but not to a scope.
  2. I have tried a different cable and all the usb ports on my laptop, with no luck. I can try a different computer with windows on it. Can you confirm that the pre-loaded bit file is the same as the "quickstart bit file", so that if the USB connectionis ok I should be able to see the ASCII table output? Thanks, Michele
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to use a Papilio Pro under ubuntu 12.04 LTS, with Xilinx ISE 14.6. The papilio loader won't be able to access the board, and the board itself wouldn't show up with a lsusb command. I found bits and pieces on the net about FTDI drivers and udev files, but I'm a bit lost... could anyone point me in the right direction? For a start, how do I check if I have the right FTDI drivers installed? Thank you very much!