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  1. os1r1s

    BOM for wings

    Thanks Jack. For anyone following, I just placed an order for all of these parts and/or equivalent replacements. I'll update this thread with which parts did (or didn't) work.
  2. os1r1s

    BOM for wings

    Jack, The BOM ULP only runs on the schematic, and many of the wings only have the BRD file available. If you can point me to the schematic files, I can try it again. After using the BRD file didn't work, I resorted to clicking each item I could see on the board. That gave me the following list which unfortunately does not contain values. Any help you can provide is much appreciated. OV7670 Wing --- C0603 --- C0603 --- ML16 Harting --- TPS73028 LP3990MF SOT23-DBV ADC Wing --- C0603 --- C0603 --- (J2 Pin Header) --- ADC088S102CIMT TSSOP16 LCD Wing --- 12 390 ohm resistors IR Led --- 3MM LED --- Chip? TFDU6300 --- Emitter TSOP392 --- 2 smd resistors
  3. os1r1s

    BOM for wings

    Does anyone have the BOM for the wings? I had the following PCBs made and I want to order the components, but unfortunately it does not appear that they are specified anywhere. The boards I got made were: MicroSD OV7670 IR ADC LCD If someone could help me fill in the details, I would sure appreciate it. I think the LCD seems the most obvious, but I would like an exact list to make sure I'm not missing anything.
  4. Jack, This is great stuff! I did an SOC using the logic start megawing for the Papilio Pro. Building an SOC using the schematic editor was something that I wanted to do, but couldn't quite connect the dots. The library + tutorial + video made it very easy to do. I was able to build sketches and make use of the SOC after uploading. I'd like to see many of the open core wishbone compliant components added to the library. Maybe we could even get an open core library which has them in it.
  5. os1r1s


    So I think I have a finalized design for the Papillio Pro case. I've included top and side pictures below. I've updated the butterfly logo (Thanks Jack!), created ample room for the usb plug, and added a 3mm hole for the reset button. You can see the updated pictures below. In the course of making the changes, I took a look at the Papilio One size. The mounting holes are completely different and it is indeed about .75" smaller. I think it would be a disservice to make the case fit both. There would be so many extra holes and cutouts that it would not fit nearly as well. I'll work on getting a Papilio One so that I can make a new version just for it. The megawing cases will be coming soon. I will start with the logic start, then the arcade, and finally the retrocade megawing. Jack, I'm dropping one in the mail for you tomorrow to check the fit/finish and get feedback. I welcome feedback from anyone as I work to get these finalized.
  6. os1r1s


    That is how I got the layout for the pro. I wish I could get the eagle dxf export plugins to work a bit better because it would make the job easier. Anyway, that is what I will plan to do
  7. os1r1s


    James, I debated on if that would be worth having. I'll add a small reset hole 3mm or so in diameter. The time increase to cut it is negligible. I'm not sure if there is a difference in the size of the Papilio One vs Papilio Pro. I didn't think so. Perhaps I'll order one to test out the fit of that and the DC jack. Maybe the GF team could confirm if the dimensions are identical.
  8. os1r1s


    Jack, It is clear laser cut acrylic. Thanks for the logo. I'll update the design and cut a new top for mine. I also need to make a design change take into account the power jack on the Papilio One. Is there any text like "papilio.cc" that you would like in addition to the logo? Sending the two megawings would be awesome! Both of those shields are on my list to play with and I'll happily design cases for them. If you can shoot me a shipping address via PM or email, I'll send a case to you to play with. I also have one for hamster (Mike) as gratitude for his intro PDF.
  9. os1r1s


    Thanks! I hadn't really planned on selling them, but I'll be happy make a few for those interested. I'd charge $12 plus shipping for a clear acrylic one. I can do other colors or custom text on it, but the price would change a bit. Do you have a Papilio Pro or a Papilio One?
  10. os1r1s


    All, I just got my papilio last week and decided to design a case for it. This one fits the papilio pro, but I assume it will fit a papilio one as well. Wings can be plugged in the top without removing the case and the voltage source can be changed. I added the butterfly logo from the site, but it was low res so it looks a tad blocky. I plan to make one that will house the board and the logicstart megawing eventually. I will make one for the arcade megawing once I get one. I'd welcome any feedback. Thanks!