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  1. MoretonSlumber

    Unable to program Papilio Pro...

    Everything is working fine now, thanks. All that was needed was a short USB cable.
  2. MoretonSlumber

    Unable to program Papilio Pro...

    I noticed that the readback of the device id code was erratic pointing to a possible signal integrity problem. A short (250 mm) USB lead has made programming 100% reliable.
  3. Hello. I'm having problems programming a couple of Papilio Pro boards. I'm using loader v2.5 and have the latest Java v7 release installed along with the latest FTDI drivers (Win7 x64 machine). I constantly (well 99% of the time) get the message "Could not access USB device 0403:6010.". Once or twice the FPGA has been detected with a "scan" command but that's as far is it goes. I've tried various USB cables and have tried three machines - XP and Win7. In ControlPanel>DeviceManager>USBControllers / Ports the hardware is rarely visible. I think this is an application/driver problem. Any hints or advice gratefully accepted. Graham.