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  1. hello i am new here. i just bought a papilio pro and i have a question. i connected a led to A(15) and the gnd. and just programmed in vhdl set A to out. it worked and A <= "0000000000000001" it light up. now i set the C port to output and A <= C to my suprice if i stick a wire in the C(15) slot the led turned on. also if i was just close to the wire not touching it, it turned on. i feel like something is wrong, my multimer says that port C(15) actualy gives 1.2 volts. it feels like i am grounding the curcuit when i touch the hangin wire. i am sorry for my bad english. i sum up. how do one implement an input button correctly that is hocked up to a breadboard. thanks for all your help.
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    led lights up without touching the wire

    thanks for your help i added | pulldown=true; to to the contraint file on all the c ports. question now when c(14) is pulled down it respond when i feed it 3v3. is this an ok voltage level or could it be harmfull for the device? also where can i read more about pullups and pulldown, and how they work? lastly my goal is to implement an soft microprocessor, where can i read about how to load and read data to a memory cell i created in vhdl. maby a book you could recomend or website. thanks a lot