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  1. dxtn

    Unknown Papilio Board

    Jack, fortunately, it should be a misconfiguration problem (USB makes funny things in my computer with WIN 8.1), because I repeat the whole process and it WORKS!!! Now I have the four yellow LEDS of the LED wing blinking. I will continue with the exmples. Thank you, Francisco
  2. dxtn

    Unknown Papilio Board

    Hi, Although I got the Papilio Duo several months ago (I participated in KickStart crowdfunding), I left it apart for a time (I was very busy that time). So, today I I am testing it and learnig DesignLab 1.0.5. I am using WIN8.1, the serial port seems OK (COMM10, only one) and the green LED is blinking, no serial port traffic and, as Briano, I got the error: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Programming to SPI FlashUsing devlist.txtInvalid chain position 0, position must be less than 0 (but not less than 0).Unknown Papilio BoardUSB transactions: Write 2 read 1 retries 0Using devlist.txtInvalid chain position 0, position must be less than 0 (but not less than 0).IOException: Cannot open file -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By the way, the message "position must be less than 0 (but not less than 0)" is rather curious. I hope that the problem consists in a bug or misconfiguration, and not in a card failure. Sincerely, Francisco
  3. dxtn

    LogicStart Shield for the Papilio DUO

    Just a low-cost idea. Could a R-2R ladder chip be included as DAC for analog signal generation? If so, please include the lower resistor value, compatible with output current capacity, for higher bandwidth.
  4. dxtn

    ZAP (ZPUino Arduino Papilio) IDE

    AVAST forbides downloading these files. Is there any problem or is a false positive of the antivirus?
  5. Thank you, I though it was a VHDL program. So, now I assume that the ZPUino (or AVR8) is preloaded in the flash from factory, together the "Hello Word" program. I will download ZAP IDE and see ... Thanks again. dxtn
  6. Is there any palce where the initial program source code can be downloaded? I don't want to lose it if I download another in the flash.