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  1. ker2x

    Atari 2600

    What's really amazing is that something so simple was used to play videogame, and we liked it It's almost p*rnographic : twelve 7400 serie IC one 555 one LM340three MOS 65**
  2. ker2x

    Atari 2600

    Work in progress
  3. ker2x

    Device locked licence ?

    Wonderfull ! thanks !
  4. Friendly greetings ! I see some (more or less cheap) board that come with a device locked vivado/ISE licence. It provide an "augmented" software suite (eg : chipscope pro) and (eventually) some ip core strictly related to the card. Node locked licence, and floating licence are super-expensive for the hobbyist. Do you know of there is a way to buy a device locked licence (eg : for the papilio pro) The xilinx website is really :angry: so perhaps it's available somewhere ... but couldn't find it. (eg: i can't even access the online store )
  5. ker2x

    papillio pro schematic

    Ho ok thank you
  6. ker2x

    papillio pro schematic

    Hello ! i'm reading the schematic of the papilio pro, here The spec say there is a 32MHz XO but the schematic show a 6Mhz XO. Is there some trick i don't know about ? or an error ? Thank you
  7. a+ is a channel a- is another channel, everything else is ground ? (Oooo guess who doesn't have a multimeter )
  8. Hello everyone, i can find the schematic of this wing (there is the schematic of the dual input on the website, but where is the single output ?) Thank you
  9. ker2x

    The next generation Papilio - help me shape it.

    I checked some tutorials about this but i got some problem because of some difference between version of ISE. (where the hell is the library manager now ? )
  10. ker2x

    The next generation Papilio - help me shape it.

    The real problem here is "up-to-date" but i'll try to contribute when i can. thank you
  11. That's papilio & logic And papilio + gic. And the gic of papiliogic could be... mmmm. Graphical err... Imagination & Conception ? Graphical Integration & Conception ? Gross Inception Componant ? Guaranteed Instant Craziness ? Graphical Interface for Conception ? Going In Circle ? Generaly Impatient Constructor ? Well mmmm, dunno
  12. I'm my wet dreams, i'm designing my board using the very awesome and well know logisim software. So ... LogiFPGA, unfortunally it's a kickstarter project for the raspberry pi. Perhaps ... papiliogic ?
  13. ker2x

    The next generation Papilio - help me shape it.

    Friendly greetings ! I'm still a newbie, i'm very very interested in FPGA, mostly because i'm a sysadmin and i believe in FPGA embedded in a server for some specialised stuff the cpu suck at. But i'm doing it as a hobby because i don't know any company crazy enough to believe this, so i'm on my own budget Being a newbie, what could i say ? keep it cheap and simple : i never wanted to buy thoses overpriced dev board with tons of stuff i'll probably never need. Arduino like or arduino compatible shield : Yes thats nice. But ... I have some arduino shield, including an ethernet shield. can i use it with the papilio pro ? i have no idea, at all. showcase : i bought the papilio pro as soon as i saw the SID player video. you need as much "cool" showcase as you can ZPUino & AVR : i don't care. probably some people like this. high speed serial : yesssss pleaaaase ! i don't know if i'll ever need it but that's a good selling point. (the arduino certainly can't do that) RAM : i don't know if i'll ever need it, i'll probably need it yes. but that's another selling point hdmi ouput : well... meh. if you can provide well documented, easy-to-use, up-to-date ip core. Sure why not, but the VGA shield seem good enough for me. (i'm not going to plug my fpga board on a high end expensive screen that have only dvi & hdmi) hdmi input : i, don't, care. if i really want to process image/video, i'll do it using the usb port. or buy a specialised fpga card. (and good luck to get free ip core for video processing) sram over sdram ? i don't know, i never tried to use the ram ... but i will So, do i really need more stuff on the board ? Nope, not really. Whatever you do, please keep in mind that it shouldn't be too fragile or, at least, doesn't LOOK too fragile. The major selling point of the arduino is : cheap, easy to use, the shields, and ... gigatoooooooooons of library & endless count of documentation/tutorial. The major problem with fpga is : very closed system, very very expensive software & ip core. Arduino got a critical mass were people write bit of documentation here and there, others compile them in something readable, so you'll never be alone as long as you can STFW. Raspberry pi : mmm.... almost, not sure. All FPGA boards : lost deep in abyss. Whatever helping to connect to the modern world is good for me. VGA : it's ok, no need for hdmi USB : Yes, of course. best interface, it power the board, it program the board, it can be used to connect to program running on the pc Audio : Yep Ethernet : the arduino shield ? or embedded on the board with PoE to power it ? Other IO : i use my cheap oscillo/logic-analyzer for now What i need, i really need, is : up-to-date documentation, a collection of free ip core. (yes i know, it's the most annoying stuff to do). And... ho, while i'm here : where is the wiki ? Thx