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  1. Hello, Jack. thanks for your good project for Papilio. I am working on Windows, and I want to build Papilio Loader by mingw32. I install cygwin for the unix-like environment and i686-pc-mingw32 for the building utils. I don't like cygwin-gcc becase it depends on cygwin1.dll. so come to the source I enter the command on the shell: ./configure --host=i686-pc-mingw32 (May be cygwin and mingw32 also are cross-compile?). Everythings go well except the linking of ftdi2 library. I found that the configure execute the script of PKG_CHECK_MODULES but I want to execute the upper branch. I don't known what is the result of 'test -n "$host_alias"', and can anybody tell me what is the build option of cygwin? That is how to ensure ./configure --build=?? I have adjust the LIBS varirant to "$LIBS -L. -lftd2xx" and the exe generated: #if test -n "$host_alias" ; then # I see the terminal that host_alias = i686-pc-mingw32, but.. AC_DEFINE([WINDOWS], 1, [Cross-compiling for windows]) LIBS="$LIBS -L. -lftd2xx" #else # PKG_CHECK_MODULES([libftdi1], [libftdi >= 0.19], # [CPPFLAGS=$CPPFLAGS $libftdi1_CFLAGS"; # LIBS="$LIBS $libftdi1_LIBS]) #fi You should add CXXFLAGS="-static-libgcc -static-libstdc++" in the, if not the papilio-prog.exe still need the libgcc and libstdc++ dll for mingw32. I have found a project to configure the eeprom of ftdi devices which is called ftdi-eeprom. I want to add to Papilio Loader. And the FTDI port can be configure to be a fifo, which can be used to connect the resource of the FPGA and the pc.Just like the Digilent Adept or Terasic Control Panel.