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  1. This thread had all the info needed for me to recompile the papilio-prog binary for 64bit Ubuntu. But this thread is from 2011. So why is this still necessary? I really do appreciate all the work that's gone into the loader, but can we get 64bit support in the std release? Here is what I had to do to get it working for 64bit Ubuntu... I had to recompile (as suggested in this thread) and then overwrite the symbolic link that pointed to the 32bit binary in /usr/local/bin. It seems that there isn't a long way to go to be able to support 32bit AND 64bit. Cory
  2. cory.stewart

    first project won't start

    Sorry for not being clear. I was referring to the IntroToSpartanFPGABook.pdf book. I don't think I could update that myself. It's good to know that the MegaWing page is a wiki though. Thanks, Cory
  3. cory.stewart

    first project won't start

    Hi Hamster, Thanks for the great tutorial! I know it's covered on the LogicStart MegaWing page ( but others may be experiencing symptoms similar to this thread if they're using the Papilio Pro. It would be helpful if the tutorial were updated to have the pin mapping for the Papilio Pro. They are: switch_1 (silk 6) : P120 switch_0 (silk 7): P121 LED_1 (silk 6): P133 LED_0 (silk 7): P134Also, in section 6.1, a table for the Papilio Pro would be helpful: Family = Spartan6 Device = XC6SLX9 Package = TQG144 (144 QFP (0.5mm pitch) 102 I/Os) Speed = -3 (this seems to work but not sure if correct) Cory