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  1. AIY

    DesignLab 1.0.6 released!

    Hi Jack, I just refreshed my installation of the Papilio environment in order to work on my retrocade-based synth with the new version of the tools. I found that the .bit file links in the Audio_RetroCade_Synth is incorrectly linked (and only the 1.0 Zpuino is linked) thus i.e. the circuits/ subfolder is missing from the link Perhaps change the links so that it defaults to the Zpuino 2.0 bit file by default? Cheers//AIY
  2. AIY

    ZPUino 2.0

    So how does it compare to the 1.0 code in terms of device utilization? Apropos: When I started synthesizing the ZPUino HDL code for my own papilios I was astounded at the number of warnings produced by ISE (which is nothing new, when code gets just a little bit more complex this almost always happens). It is hard to wade through the warnings to find what's actually buggy in your own code... AIY
  3. AIY

    Serial port trouble

    Now the programming interface stopped working as well.. Using devlist.txtInvalid chain position 0, position must be less than 0 (but not less than 0).Seems I can't program the FPGA anymore either.. //AIY
  4. AIY

    Serial port trouble

    Yes, Yes and Yes. I've also used the Papilio Loader App to load my bitfiles, but to no avail. I've checked the FT2232D EEPROM with FTProg and it says its a blank device, is this correct? From the schematics I gather that the UART does not use the other RS232 signals (RTS, CTS, DTR, DCD, RI, TXDEN, SLEEP, SI/WU). So there should not be anything blocking the down-stream transfer of data anyhow. Maybe I will check that these signals are correct. Cheers AIY
  5. AIY

    Serial port trouble

    Hi I booted up my Papilio Pro this weekend but found that I can't use the Serial port to program stuff from ZAP. It just hangs at the uploading stage and then nothing happens. I can program the bit files with the papilio loader, but the secondary COM port seems out-of-order. Executing C:\zap-2.0.5/hardware/tools/zpu/bin/zpu-elf-size C:\Users\kk\AppData\Local\Temp\build7153807610699005474.tmp/ZPuino_serial_speed.cpp.elfBinary sketch size: 956 bytes (of a 8 388 608 byte maximum) - 932 bytes ROM, 28 bytes memory, 0% usedCannot get programmer version, aborting Any tips? AIY
  6. AIY

    Problem forking ZAP from github

    I cloned the ZAP directory from Github using the zip function and compiled it from the build directory. The app compiles without errors. When I then try to compile the Retrocade sketch (without any modifications) I run into the following problem Found smallfs directory/Users/dj_mib/Downloads/ZAP--ZPUino-Arduino-Papilio--IDE-master/build/macosx/work/ /var/folders/pz/hdpbpx7d3099q3t5xyq8qsp40000gn/T/build275270339656441873.tmp/smallfs.dat /Users/dj_mib/Documents/Sinistra/RetroCade_Synth/RetroCade_Sketch/smallfs Cannot run program "/Users/dj_mib/Downloads/ZAP--ZPUino-Arduino-Papilio--IDE-master/build/macosx/work/": error=2, No such file or directory at at at at at$ at there seems to be some issue with the small FS lib. Any ideas? AIY
  7. Hey Guys I'm having trouble forking the ZAP directory from Github, I get stuck at 77% and can't get any further. I wanted to run ZAP on my Mac and couldn't find a package to install from. Any Help? AIY
  8. AIY

    Wavetable Oscillator project

    Well I started from the SID implementation and removed the oscillator parts and replaced them with my own. Then I added some data ports and address decoding to the wishbone block to allow the wavdata to be passed to the waveform BlockRAM. I looked into the code for the filters by Alvieboy and I think I will attempt to make a separate Wishbone entity with the filters so that they can be shared between the sound generating elements. Does anybody have any points/ideas or experience on how one would go about building a semi-modular design where we could soft-route the audio signals in an efficient way or is that idea complete folly? AIY
  9. AIY

    Wavetable Oscillator project

    So I started programming on the Wavetable Osc yesterday evening, starting from the sid chip. I kept the ADSR, the filters and the 3-voice structure and it weighs in at about 800 LUTs compared to the SID at ~1200. Unfortunately the usage of LUTs goes up to 99% when synthesis is made so there is room for little else (I added the wavetable thingy to the Retrocade wishbone bus). I will start on the programming in ZAP to see that I can load some data into the wave memories and play them, I'll post some stuff here once I get something going in the lab with an oscilloscope and sound samples Once that works I'll check if there is anything more to be done in terms of optimization and then (hopefully) I can post something back on git. AIY
  10. Hello All, I bought myself a couple of Papilios Pro's for work and really liked them so I decided to get one for myself with the retrocade megawing. A couple of years back I ran into this site Where this amazing and dedicated guy has collected single-cycle waveforms into a massive archive ~4300 Waveforms. The samples are all supposed to be the same format, 44.1kHz, 16bit, 600 samples long. Sample taken at D2+1 (according to the site) I propose to write a wavetable Oscillator with wishbone integration so that we can load waveforms into them just like Shruti for example. This will need some VHDL programming for the oscillator itself (I can do that) as well as some c-programming to get the waves off an sd-card. I'll start tonight by looking over the codes for the existing chips to how things interconnect Tell me if you think Regards AIY