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  1. No, that's not it. My license is valid and installed. Installed an new license, and the error still occurs.
  2. So far so good. Each of your suggestions got me to the point where I was back in the day. I tried generating the bit file, and got this ERROR:Security:9c - No 'ISE' nor 'WebPack' feature version 2013.10 was available I am on the latest WebPack, and I think the version is 2013.10.13. I don't have a clue what "feature" it cannot find.
  3. While this is specific to the RetroCade MegaWing paired with a Papilio Pro, I am posting here because what I am trying to compile are the examples included in DL 1.0.7. I have found the problem with writing the bit file, so let me address that first, and then I will address what I can see when trying to compile the sketch. The sketch I open is audio_retrocade_synth. The changelog mentions version 1.3, but the bit file link above it reads: Click on the link below to load the latest production RetroCade bit file with all of the sample audio files sketchdir://RetroCade-1.1-zpuino-1.0-PapilioPro-S6LX9-RetroCade-1.1.bit Two things to note here. The first is that the bit file pointed to is version 1.1. If this is the latest production file, and is compatible with the sketch, then I suppose that's O.K. I don't know if they need to be matched. The second is that the path to the bit file is pointing to the sketch root directory, but the bit file is in the circuit sub directory, so the line should read: sketchdir://circuit/RetroCade-1.1-zpuino-1.0-PapilioPro-S6LX9-RetroCade-1.1.bit Now, when looking in the circuit sub directory, I do see a 1.3 bit file, but the size is only about 300kB. It should be larger, right? I did try to recompile the circuit, but there is an error. Save that for later. Getting back to compiling the sketch, it seems to give up around the LCD code. There are lots of warnings about unused variables and parameters, a missing initializer for member `zfops::fstat', and the rest are just errors about various things. Mostly typedef conflicts and missing parens.
  4. I just dusted off my RetroCade MegaWing and wanted to try the 1.3 Synth code, but I'm finding that things don't seem to be compiling in DesignLab. I tried the loading a newer example from GITHUB, and loading the bit file, but it does not get very far. It has been a while since I have used DesignLab, but I recall that I had this working smoothly in the past. That was on an earlier version of DL, and the RetroCade code was 1.1. Has anyone had the same problem using the RetroCade with a Papilio Pro?
  5. Board Dimensions

    I just got word that a case I shipped to Toby in Germany did not fit his board. I test fit it with my board and it was ok. Is there a difference over time in the size of these?
  6. RetroCade Professional Case

    Shipping to Germany via First Class Mail will be approximately $12.00
  7. RetroCade Professional Case

    Hi Toby, I was offering in my previous post to put one up on eBay for you, but you did not respond, so I did not follow up. If you want me to proceed, I will put one up for you, and anyone else interested. Cost will be $20 U.S.D. + Shipping The material and color will be whatever I happen to have on hand. If you want a particular color/material, I will accept a 1kg spool of 3mm filament (Drop-Shipped) as payment, and waive the shipping cost. There is an eBay vendor that I use http://www.ebay.com/usr/rainbot3d with good quality plastics. If you want to go this route, I will provide the mailing address where you can send the spool.
  8. RetroCade Professional Case

    It sounds like you may have selected a process or material that shapeways has trouble with. The design features are driven by what I have found to be good solutions that avoid printing defects on hobby grade printers, when printing large flat hollow boxes. If you like, I will put one up on eBay for you.
  9. RetroCade Professional Case

    I think it's ready. The only thing I have not addressed is a good way to access the five position joystick button thing. I'm not happy with just having a hole there, but there are not many options. If there is any demand for the cases, let's get a head count, and I'll do a short run for Jack to put up on the site.
  10. RetroCade Professional Case

    The case is still a work in progress, so if you have any suggestion of something you want to see incorporated, just let me know.
  11. RetroCade Professional Case

    Hi Toby, The design's STL files for printing can be downloaded from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:128377 The files are released for public use, so feel free to share them. If you don't already know someone that has a 3D printer, you can probably meet several at your closest hackerspace. http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_Hacker_Spaces In Germany there are more than 30, so there may be one or two near you.
  12. SID in Sketch, VHDL, or Both?

    It looks like Osc and Env are treated differently. Anybody know why this is?
  13. SID in Sketch, VHDL, or Both?

    I noticed that there is a small diff between Voices 1-2, and Voice 3 in sid_6581.vhd The snippet below is missing in voice 3. Is this an oversight, or is it intentional? signal Voice_2_Osc : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0) := (others => '0');signal Voice_2_Env : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0) := (others => '0');
  14. SID in Sketch, VHDL, or Both?

    I've been modifying the Retrocade Synth sketch to support two instances of the SID, like SID2SID, but I have not been able to locate any code on the VHDL side. After downloading the Xylinx IDE, I opened the the XISE file, and it generated (is that the right word?) a project. Looking in the results, I don't see anything relating to the SID, or the other synths. I'm guessing that I'm only half way there at this point. What am I missing? Thanks.
  15. RetroCade Professional Case

    Ok. I'm pretty happy with the results. The current files are up on thingiverse, if anybody wants to print their own.