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  1. hi Hamster, It works...I can see Hello world constantly printed on the screen..Thanks so much! One last thing, is it possible to send dynamic inputs from the keyboard at each run. Say there is a vhdl code for fibonacci sequence of n elements ( parameter n varies at each run ) how to take parameters as input ? Appreciate all your help. Thanks a ton !
  2. hi Hamster, I tried to run your code. Here P90 = RX led. Is it supposed to blink after I write the bit file to the board ? Also, how can I transmit contents of shift register on serial port and view contents of shift register using putty ? Appreciate your help. Cheers.
  3. hi, I want to get started with FPGA. How can Papilio One - 500k board be used without wings. Can input be read from usb port ( same as programming port) and output on serial port ? Could you point to or give a simple example having this setup ( vhdl/verilog file + ucf file would be helpful ). Cheers