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  1. guermazi_zied

    Porting Logic Analyser from One to Pro

    hi mkarlsson I have been able to extend the implementation on papilio pro to use 256k out of the fpga. That's not a big issue. To go beyond that the use of the on board ram is needed. There is another board from dream source lab that has a similar hardware ( ) but a slightly different ram. They use a different protocol but are able to dump few mega samples without problem. Unfortunatly for Jack the stuff is written in verilog . one possibility with relatively low effort is to port that code to papilio pro.
  2. guermazi_zied

    Porting Logic Analyser from One to Pro

    Hi Papilio Pro has 8MB additional SDRAM. using it for storing samples is interesting since it increases the recording size. did someone succeeded in using it for storing the samples instead of the BRAM? /Zied