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    Papilio Pro software ADC

    Thank you for your prompt answers! I've looked into the code quoted, and see that there is something, I haven't really thought enough about before asking There's the question of the precision of the sample and hold, and of the actual sampling frequency. But then: forums like this is for learning. I think, that I'll settle for the hardware ADC. But the software ADC makes a few other projects realizable! Once again, thank you all!
  2. praabye

    Papilio Pro software ADC

    Hi! I'm new to this, but already hooked on using the Papilio Pro for development. This has led to a list of interesting projects on a list - giving rise to a lot of questions. I have a LogicStart Wing, and could be using the ADC on that. But once a hacker... So I have looked for a software all-digital ADC-solution. The Xilinx site has one somewhere for the Spartan-3. There isn't much mention of it, and the data are for running it explicitly on the Spartan-3, of course. Has anyone out there tried porting the software ADC to Spartan-6/Papilio Pro? Had any succes? Wanting to share the VHDL code? The hardware ADC solution seems to work, but, really: that's no fun!!! My concrete project is a reciever for DCF77 (european time signal on 77,5 kHz). The AM modulation from this is usually decoded with little prefabricated radios. But I would like to do use phase modulation, it also contains. That should enable a faster time to lock. I do have the hardware for giving me the DCF77 signal in a 3.3 V logic format, and could do it that way around. But I'd really like to tinker with the DSP48 slices and do some filtering, thus the need for ADC functionality. I will of course need some AGC in front of the Papilio Pro, as the ADC probably wouldn't have a higher resolution than maybe 14-16 bits. Yours, etc. Peter