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  1. markhud

    Arduino more?

    There was a similar project in June 2013 but it used a Lattice chip. Tantalizing screenshot of VHDL directly in the Arduino IDE. The Gameduino uses a Xilinx Spartan3 with 200K gates. I think it is only re-programmable via JTAG.
  2. markhud


    Curious what is was that Sho9h said (that comment apparently expired). My un-schooled opinion about Mojo's successful campaign is that it was because their board is a slick black color. Seriously. Also, a lot has happened in the intervening two years since Jack should try again. Especially if he could get a design consultant to help make it look sexier.
  3. Yes, I too am blocked by the "Cannot get programmer version, aborting" error. I'm running Windows 7, and I can't seem to get the COM port recognized from the ZAPide. I know I had a regular Arduino IDE (1.02 I think) up and running fine a few months ago. I'll try dragging that out of the closet and see if it still works. Part of me suspects there may be a conflict between the two (they may not be happy co-existing). Another option is uninstalling the previous Arduino IDE. Note that the Papilio Loader works fine for me, so I do have some level of connectivity to my Papilio One 500, but the USB COM port serial emulation is the issue. I'm not sure if I should be using the FTDI drivers included with the Papilio Loader, or try to get presumably newer ones from
  4. markhud

    Papilio plug on Sparkfun

    That is a pretty robust fun thread to read. Thanks for the tip. I just receive my first Papilio last night in the mail, and stayed up until the wee hours happily loading various pre-compiled bit files to it, and working through the first few chapters of HamsterNZ's excellent PDF e-tutorial. One thing that amused me was receiving the Papilio kit (LogicStart MegaWingbundle with Papilio One 500, + a button/LED wing ) and there was absolutely no docs whatsoever in it. Thankfully, I'd "done my homework" and already had the loader, the ZAPide, and ISE/WebPack downloaded. I think GadgetFactory could do a big service to its customers by at least including a one-pager in the box with a brief overview and a couple of URLs. That is a bare minimum. I think a really awesome bundle would include a CD or DVD with everything needed to load up a few pre-compiled bit files. Also, maybe the ZPUino pre-burnt to the Papilio's flash RAM. (Though I'm stuck at the moment unable to get the right pseudo-COM ports...) I'm a longtime software engineer just beginning to dip my toes in the world of electronics and circuits. Prior to getting the Papilio One, I spent a couple days with an Arduino I bought from the local Radio Shack. It is kind of fun, but seems "weak."
  5. markhud

    Working on new Arcade Wing!

    This is an incredible bargain for only $19 at or I must order one soon, and the only remaining decision is whether to pair it with a Papilio 500 or Pro model.