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  1. danirebollo

    ZPUINO on custom board (Spartan 3)

    It is a Xilinx project?
  2. danirebollo

    ZPUINO on custom board (Spartan 3)

    Oh thank you, I will try to recompile. I've also recompiled the bscan spi file with my constraints. I have an error trying to program the spi even with papilio prog and xc3sprog (with the fixed bscan)... I dont know why...
  3. danirebollo

    ZPUINO on custom board (Spartan 3)

    I'm trying to recompile adding some files to the project because lost links and now the error is caused by ZPUino_Papilio_One_V2_blackbox.ngc, cause ISE says it is for Spartan3 VQ100 only. What is this core and why it is blackboxed?
  4. danirebollo

    ZPUINO on custom board (Spartan 3)

    Oh I just realized the papilio one have XC3S250E-VQ100 and my board XC3S250E-4TQG144C... But I think I've seen some TQG144G.. maybe I'm confusing myself with papilio pro. Anyway.. ┬┐how to change the configuration file into the designlab? Edit: I've found: DesignLab-1.0.8\examples\00.Papilio_Schematic_Library\Libraries\ZPUino_1\PSL_Papilio_One_250K\papilio_one.ucf If I modify only this file it will be ok? (I dont know how designlab call ISE and if there is snother configuration file...) Thanks
  5. danirebollo

    ZPUINO on custom board (Spartan 3)

    Ok but... what UCF? (designlab, project on ISE...)
  6. danirebollo

    ZPUINO on custom board (Spartan 3)

    Thanks for your reply, I will try to check DONE signal right now, but in the origilal papilio one design DONE is floating, while Spartan3 datasheet says will be pulled up with 330R. I've tryed both ways. FTDI/serial are the same. but I use a buffer between JTAG signals. I dont know why ID code is different... I dont know if this code is related to a FPGA model or production date or another thing... But It is from china factory. Maybe counterfeit or baf FPGA from production, but the think is: The FPGA works. Both ISE and papilio-prog, and also xc3sprog, works without problems.
  7. danirebollo

    ZPUINO on custom board (Spartan 3)

    Hi everyone, I have a papilio pro working successfully with designlab but I want to use a custom board (like papilio one) with it. I've selected papilio one 250k and "Load circuit" seems to be ok, but when I tried to upload... the output is attached: "Cannot get programmer version, aborting". I've checked COM port, FTDI configuration EEPROM is empty (with FT_prog), papilio drivers are loaded... I also tried to change some values in the FPGA (HSWAP is '0' so every pin will be pullup, but I've pulled up M0 and M2, and M1 to GND. Also "Done" and "init b" pulled up.)... Any help? My XC3S250E has different IDCODE so I've added this line to the devlist.txt file: Papilio-prog seems to work good. What is the problem? Thanks