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    What is Papilio?

    and i have made a cool thing: C#.net barcode scanner, you can check out and have a look. hope it works for you.
  2. fgimage

    Papilio Barcode Genie Kit

    have this problem been solved, you can find a lot of barcode scanner on the internet. to find which it can give your the best property.
  3. fgimage

    VGA image editing

    thank you for the codes up here. i have been researching image product and here is one i found perform the followign things. image processing and image conversion mutiple functions are provideed as well.hope it will help you in the way it does to me.
  4. fgimage

    Papilio Barcode Genie Kit

    cool, i like image barcode kit c#, especially the latest version and the sketch satisfy our need . i will try to use it. thank you.