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  1. dpavlin

    Writing to an SD card and logging via FTDI usb port

    I would also love to take a look at code. Does anybody have working URL?
  2. dpavlin

    HDMI input

    There is HDMI input (and output) implementation which is part of Bunnie's NeTV https://github.com/bunnie/netv-fpga http://www.kosagi.com/w/index.php?title=NeTV_FPGA_architecture Hope this helps, and keep up the good work!
  3. I'm having similar problem: Board: Unknown board @ 96000000 Hz (0xa4041700) I tried rebuilding zpuinoprogrammer from https://github.com/alvieboy/ZPUino-HDL/tree/master/zpu/hdl/zpuino/programmer but it still doesn't work for me. Looking in boards.c it seems to have 0xA4031700 but not 0xa4041700. What should I do? Just change definition to match my board? Is that safe to do? Update: after half day more, I managed to get everything working. I needed to compile my own ZAP IDE for Linux, replace zpuinoprogrammer with modified version as described below, and flash zpuino-1.0-PapilioPro-S6LX9-RetroCade-1.0.bit from zap-2.0.5 Windows installation. This brings me to my next question: why bit files from git clone of ZAP--ZPUino-Arduino-Papilio--IDE don't work? I can see that they are much smaller than ones in Windows installation. Also, zpuinoprogrammer from GadgetFactory branch doesn't work. But if you use the one from alvieboy's repo and just add additional board it works like charm. dpavlin@blue:/blue-zfs/ZPUino/ZPUino-HDL/zpu/hdl/zpuino/programmer$ git diff boards.cdiff --git a/zpu/hdl/zpuino/programmer/boards.c b/zpu/hdl/zpuino/programmer/boards.cindex 6d901ec..3a9ea83 100644--- a/zpu/hdl/zpuino/programmer/boards.c+++ b/zpu/hdl/zpuino/programmer/boards.c@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ static struct board_type boards[] = { { 0xA4020F00, "GadgetFactory Papilio One 250 (extra RAM)" }, { 0xA4030E00, "GadgetFactory Papilio Plus LX4" }, { 0xA4031700, "GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9" },+ { 0xA4041700, "GadgetFactory Papilio Pro LX9" }, { 0x83010F00, "Spartan 3E Starter Kit S3E500" }, { 0x83011A00, "Spartan 3E Starter Kit S3E500 w/64MB DDR" }, { 0x83010E01, "Spartan 3E Starter Kit S3E500 w/ 8-bit HQVGA" },
  4. dpavlin

    Writing a USB 1.0 stack.

    Any progress on this topic? There is something similar for XESS board at http://www.xess.com/projects/FPGA-USB-V2/readmeusb-v2.php VHDL seems understandable to my newbie eyes, and I plan to try making primitive USB switcher out of it. It includes SDRAM, but as far as I can see it's not used anywhere so it should be applicable to all Papilios (since XESS is Spartan 3).