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  1. Virtronics

    Cannot program Papilio One 250k

    OK, here is an update. Not sure what happened but it all works now. The even number pins flash and the ASCII table is being output at 9600 baud on COM8 fine. Please add a [sOLVED] to this heading if possible. The only changes were to download the Papilio Loader with Java which is a much larger download and unplug the USB cable a few times. Maybe I should have mentioned my USB ports in the PC are pretty worn out since we have a business building and testing USB adaptors. Pretty sure the PC has been on the whole day. Now when the Papilio loader is double clicked the bit file downloads in around 1-2 seconds. To program to flash, change the Write to FPGA to Write to SPI Flash and then the program will always run when the USB cable is used. It is pretty annoying that double clicking the bit file auto downloads and then quits but selecting File | preferences (when there is no Papilio connected) allows this option to be turned off. Thanks - great value.
  2. Virtronics

    Cannot program Papilio One 250k

    Hi, the Papilio One 250k just turned up and we followed the instructions to get it to work. We downloaded the no java Windows Installer, ran it, plugged in the Papilio One, the red light illuminates and two new USB Serial ports were found, COM45 and COM46. We then downloaded the P1_QuickStart.pde and the bit file. Double clicking the Bit file started the Papilio Loader program but the Run button was greyed out. After quite a few minutes, the Papilio Loader program showing the error message below. I tried changing the COM port to COM7 and COM8 but still no go. Any help would be much appreciated.