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    Home made GPS

    Thanks very much for your reply. Yes, Alex its quite an ambitious project. I am doing my masters in GNSS so i think i can do it. Yup i was thinking of developing my own frontend and modify Andrews FPGA code to do the signal processing and post processing in Arduino mega board. Thanks for your valuable idea of using MAX2769B, because i was thinking of using Zarlink GP4020 but it was more complex to handle for me. I will look into MAX2769B and try to develop an GPS frontend wing for Papilio 500k. Logxen Thank you, Me too looking into the same project.
  2. vaidhya

    Home made GPS

    Hi all, First of all i am new to FPGA and I am catching up with building simple designs using verilog codes. I have started to build a home made GPS receiver using Papilio one 500k and Arduino mega. Here is an example i am trying to replicate using my boards We can see that the above project is built using custom board, i want to convert this model to work with my Papilio board and Arduino mega so that everyone can do research with it. To have a start i need to build my RF front-end, then modify the code to implement in my boards. I know i am asking more generic question, but i am happy to receive any idea and suggestion and comments. First : How to get a kick start on this project? second : what all the things i need to know ? Advanced thanks to those who are willing to help me out.