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    So I found the forum discussion (thanks to vlait) which indicated a problem with interrupts due to an accidental merge (http://forum.gadgetfactory.net/index.php?/topic/1650-where-to-start-for-adding-more-chips-to-the-retrocade-synth/?hl=interrupt#entry10986). I loaded the latest version zap-2.0.3, but still no SerialEvent interrupts. Is there still something that I am missing? QuickStart works which transmits serial data and uses "delay()" [which I think uses interrupts]. Thanks
  2. DaveC


    Does 'serialEvent' work in the ZPUino? I can't seem to get it to fire when I send a character. Do I have to turn on interrupts somehow? Going the other way, Serial.println() works fine. Just trying to run the SerialEvent example under ZPUino-V1.0 Eventually I will be adding the Quadrature Decoder from open-cores to the VHDL ln Papilio_one_250K-vanilla_ise as a wishbone io peripheral. Thanks
  3. DaveC

    Adding an UART to AVR8

    Hi all, I am new to the forum, but not to uP's. I am using a Papilio and trying to add another hardware UART as in the OP. The VHDL hardware instantiation is not a problem, but where is the Arduino UART code (Serial.xxx) located so I can clone a copy and make Serial2, etc? Thanks!