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  1. mitex_us

    USB MSD board

    Hello, Thank you for interesting to MSD board. I have updated the MSD board user guide. The MSD demonstration added. Please, revisit to Actually this device not for real-time data. Real-time application needs to save a data in buffer, for example on BRAM. Then transfer data from the BRAM to the PC via MSD board by using interface component(VHDL source code included in site). PC will see the data as txt file “mdata.txt”. File size up to 4GBytes. Basically MSD board works as USB stick. This device very useful for video application. Actually video application was a motivation to develop MSD board. Sincerely, SI
  2. mitex_us

    USB MSD board

    Hello, For the data retrieving from FPGA, and then sending data to the PC, the full speed USB MSD board from could be used. This board has Papilio Wing format and perfectly fits to Papilio FPGA boards. No SW driver is requiring on the PC. includes the VHDL source code of the interface between FPGA and MSD, and other VHDL source codes, as well constraint file for Papilio One 500k. Sincerely, SI