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  1. true, mine does not show the pro in the pull down menu but programs just fine when set to autodetect. Just make sure its using the right driver under control panel. humm (it says i can't use an image extension on this community...) try this >>
  2. Hi, thanks for the responce. I actually got it going in the end. Turns out, I plugged the board in before installing the loader together with the driver so windows installed generic FTDI drivers (which don't work) I removed the drivers with an FTDI remove tool, reinstalled loader with gadget factory drivers and then plugged in the papilio pro board and the driver now shows in the device manager as a "Papilio com port" It now programs One question, I was expecting there to be 2 papilio com ports listed instead of one in the device manager? Is this correct? Thanks again. Rob
  3. Is it a case of just plugging in the board to the usb and off you go or is there a special mode you have to put the board in? Getting started information is very scartered and not very noob friendly if I'm honest. Also, under device mangager, when I plug in the board, the only thing I see happen is it add to extra com ports in the list COM6 and COM7 I assume this is normal? The reason why I meantion this is that the drivers are called gadget factory something..... So I expected to see Gadget factor something... listed as one of the devices (e.g. Android USB Devides -> My HTC ) Don't know if this info helps but though I'd put it here anyway.. Board version is 1.3 (so it says on the silk screen)
  4. Ok, this is the first time I've messed with FPGAs First problem, I've downloaded and installed Loader V2.4,v2.4 and v2.3 and they all when installed say they are at version 2.1??? They also all don't list the Papilio pro in the drop down menu... Therfore I set it to Auto detect onboard FPGA devise and try to download the example .bit file and I get the following :- This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Using devlist.txt readusb: Timeout readusb terminate called after throwing an instance of 'io_exception' FTDI drivers installed fine btw... I have also tried another usb cable and USB port.. I'm using windows 7. Any ideas? Thanks