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  1. phantom982002

    Papilio One Programming Issues

    Yep, switching the cable worked!
  2. phantom982002

    Papilio One Programming Issues

    Thanks so much, that did the trick! I've now got it running the QuickStart example!!
  3. phantom982002

    Papilio One Programming Issues

    I recently purchased the Papilio One from Sparkfun and have now tried, unsuccessfully to program on both Ubuntu and Windows Vista. On the former, the device is not detected (nothing comes up on dmesg) though the power LED comes on. The papilio programmer (using the opensource libftdi) complains (regardless of whether the device is plugged in) as follows: Could not access USB device 0403:6010. On Windows Vista, the programmer complains about being unable to find FTD2XX.dll. I am uncertain as to whether the device is detected (I installed everything as instructed in the guide). Any assitance in getting my board operational would be very appreciated.