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  1. dcmk1mr2

    FM receiving using just an FPGA

    GPS receiver with 1-bit ADC using LVDS input: http://www.holmea.demon.co.uk/GPS/Main.htm Martin
  2. Great job Jack! The tutorial and newly organized documentation is fantastic. It answers many questions. Thanks, Martin
  3. dcmk1mr2

    Loader V2.3 for Papilio Pro?

    Sorry for the confusion - version 2.1 seem to work with Papilio Pro. The downloads labeled version 2.4 produces version 2.1. Does version 2.4 need to have it's "about" information updated? Thanks, Martin
  4. I tried the loader in the download section and also installed RetroCade Synth 1.0. Both install version 2.1. It looks like I need V2.3 to work with the Papilio Pro. How do I get a loader that works with my board? Thanks, Martin