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    External SRAM?

    Im currently working out the details to make a Mk2 version of this. It had alot of limitations so I am shooting a little higher this time. My current plan is to use 4 TLC5940's multiplexed to 64 RGB led's. A single image, that is 64 x 200 will take up 57.6Kbytes (595 version only needs 4800Bytes). I would like to do animations and effects on most likely a Teensy 3 and then send the information to some storage for the Papilio to pull as it needs it. It may end up a pipe dream but if I dont try I wont succeed.
  2. Donziboy2

    External SRAM?

    So has anyone messed around with adding some form of volitile memory to the Papilio One? I need about 200Kbytes, to store images. And need to be able to read it at 2Mbytes/s minimum.