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  1. I'm trying to build the RetroCade bit file from source. According the to readme.txt file in the RetroCade_Synth/ZpUino_SOC I cloned the source from the Gadget Factory's Branch at Github. The build fails due to missing files. I checked the source and the zpuino_wb_audiomixer.vhd file is missing. Have any of you built retrocade from source successfully ? I'm very interested in the source because I'm learning. I also plan on modifying the vhdl to use several of the GPIO pins on the Retrocade board for I2C communications, driving an hbridge, and driving r/c servos. I'll remove most of the retrocade synthesizer code. I'll utilize the lcd and create a simple adpcm audio port to play simple au format audio 11khz files. The plan is to build an fpga based robot controller. I figured phase one will be based on the zpuino soc. To start this project I need to be able to build the retrocade from source, and install that.
  2. Hi, Can you post the Arduino Plugin source ? I'll try to compile it for Linux.
  3. Hi, I just got my Retrocade card today. Pretty cool. I wanted to use my Linux vm but the latest papilio-loader i cloned from git does not recognize the SPI flash. I could only upload to the FPGA. I had to use a windows laptop, download the retrocade installer for windows to get it going. I would like to experiment with my own vhdl. What do I need to get papilio-loader working on linux with my papilio-pro/retrocade combo ?
  4. jerryn

    Arduino IDE for Papilio Resources

    Hi Jack, Can you post the source to the Paoilio Arduino 1.5a source back to Github ? I'd like to build it on my Linux Dev system. I could compile and build a macos 10.7 version too. I don't know if you are experiencing the same issue I'm having building the latest zpuino environment. I was able synthesize the bit file but there are warnings. I've got dangling output pin warning and the more serious one is: WARNING:PhysDesignRules:2410 - This design is using one or more 9K Block RAMs (RAMB8BWER). 9K Block RAM initialization data, both user defined and default, may be incorrect and should not be used. For more information, please reference Xilinx Answer Record 39999. Is there a different contraints file you use for this build ? I'm using the ucf for the Papilio Pro supplied with the latest ZPUino-HDL source cloned from git. I was hoping the get the development environment together soon.
  5. Where's the source for the papiion-ardiuno 1.5 plugin ? All I can find on git is the windows binary. my primary development OS is Linux but it would be great to use Macos too. I've got experience building apps for both. I understand that many are using zpuino but the synthesized AVR8 would be great too. You can fit multiple avr8 cores on the papilio pro.