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  1. Haha, yes, I meant WASD! And it binds to the keys on my desktop PC keyboard rather than those on the PS2 keyboard- I'm not sure hijacking the PS2 keys would be easy but it would be handy. I wonder if I can use the onboard UP/LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN/RESET buttons though.
  2. I've had the same success, once uploading the Arduino sketch it fixes input perfectly. My problem is that I don't have an Atari compatible joystick! D'oh. I'm downloading Processing, and have installed Firmata on the 32u4. A few test sketches show I don't need a joystick if the AVR can pretend to be one. It's just a case of putting that into practice. Edit: Well, it's bonkers but Firmata works a treat. I have a simple Processing App working that converts WASF IOP into ULDR Fire 1, Fire 2, Select.
  3. Thank you! I'm not ready to do any serious VHDL just yet, but I'm eager to learn the "right way" of doing things if at all possible. Right now I'm just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks, probably picking up some bad habits, and generally trying to wrap my head around the whole concept of hardware design. I'm eager to see an updated book, but certainly not in a hurry. Ignoring all the other stuff I've got to do, the Papilio Duo is a damned good device even if you never touch a line of HDL! I've managed to adapt the example in the link I posted to the LX9 and have a working clock divider down to 1mhz, which is a little more manageable for tinkering.
  4. This makes sense! Thank you, I'll have to give it a go. I can see the logic behind it, and I think I can implement it in VHDL pretty easily. I also need to look up the guide for using the proper clock generator too, it's a much saner way of generating a usable clock. Aha, found the tutorial I followed once-upon-a-time here:
  5. I've been quite successfully working through the Intro to Spartan FPGA book on the Duo. It's a damned good book that still holds up after being around for a number of years- although you have to approach it with patience, and be well armed with Google and these forums. Due to a total lack of time, I've only made it as far as adding two 4-bit numbers - input via the switches - and displaying the result on the LEDs. It works, but a little note in the book suggests that IEEE.NUMERIC_STD.ALL is now the defacto way to add numbers. I think this is the solution, it's pieced together from what I could turn up on Google: result <= std_logic_vector(resize(unsigned(x),5) + resize(unsigned(y),5));I suspect it's not as succinct or "correct" as it could be though! Clocks I distinctly remember there being a guide somewhere for using the FPGAs clock generators, but I ignored it and implemented a 32bit clock divider with a user-configurable tap... VHDL strong typing is painful! library IEEE;use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL;use IEEE.NUMERIC_STD.ALL;entity Switches_LEDs is Port ( SW : in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(4 downto 0); LED : out STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(7 downto 0); CLK : in STD_LOGIC );end Switches_LEDsarchitecture Behavioral of Switches_LEDs is signal pll: STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(31 downto 0); signal tap: STD_LOGIC; signal counter: STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(7 downto 0) := (others => '0'); signal speed: STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(4 downto 0);begin speed <= SW; tap <= std_logic(pll(to_integer(unsigned(speed)))); LED <= std_logic_vector(resize(unsigned(counter),8)); pll_proc: process(CLK) begin if rising_edge(CLK) then pll <= std_logic_vector(unsigned(pll) + 1); end if; end process; clk_proc: process(tap) begin if rising_edge(tap) then counter <= std_logic_vector(unsigned(counter) + 1); end if; end process;end Behavioral;
  6. The Papilio Duo is compatible with a whole bunch of Arduino Shields- so there are loads of accessories out there already. I'm not sure if there are any caveats for 5V vs 3V3 shields, but new Arduino boards are necessitating a wealth of 3V3 boards anyway so that's not much of a problem if so. I'm currently working on a new LCD Shield, with triple RGB backlight, joystick input and bargraph display which should hopefully be fully compatible with the Duo. I'll definitely be trying to get it up and running with Zpuino anyway.
  7. Gadgetoid

    My DUO arrived today

    Mine arrived err... Thursday? I can't even remember, I've been too busy playing with it to care. I dug a jumper out of a bits box and it works fine. Jack, you've done a wonderful job and my jaw hit the desk when I came across the documentation for the LogicStart Shield- so wonderfully thorough! Although the FPGA book has yet to be updated, it's easy enough to work through and I've started the early chapters again to get back up to speed. I can't wait to start talking to the FPGA from the AVR. All in all, a damned good turnout for a Kickstarter- everything arrived safe 'n' sound, everything works, thorough documentation, good support all round. The only thing I'm wanting for is more time to play with it!
  8. Gadgetoid

    NoteOff Issues

    Ahoy JeanneDOrc, I don't think Zero Velocity notes are handled in the stock sketch ( Jack will correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure! ) which is why I chose to modify and re-upload my own variant with a small tweak that was suggested by another forum user some time ago and probably earlier in this thread. If you're confident with these kinds of tweaks, you can try adding the below to the HandleNoteOn function in RetroCade_Sketch.ino, it worked well for me!: if (velocity==0) { HandleNoteOff(channel, pitch, velocity); return; }
  9. Gadgetoid

    Papilio DUO Kickstarter - Feedback request!

    Would have been nice to get VAT pre-paid to avoid things being held up at the postal depot and slapped with "handling fees", but it's not something you can "just do" and I'm 500% sure that you have enough to be worrying about as it is without us whining foreigners on your hands! Edit: Also, congrats on breaking $20k! You're on the home straight now! ( Although you still actually have to make, ship, program, support... I don't think people appreciate quite how much effort you have to put into this! Thank you! )
  10. Gadgetoid

    Papilio DUO Kickstarter - Feedback request!

    That's a fair point. In my experience, and speaking only for the UK, it's no so much the sales taxes which are the problem but the associated, flat-rate "handling fee" that gets applied to anything we import that isn't either: a) Exempt from sales taxes or Prepaid It's probably a non-issue, but those of us outside of the US absolutely love to complain how we get "stung" by "taxes" when we buy things from the US. I'd gladly pay in advance to make sure my delivery went smoothly and arrived at my actual front-door, than leave it and wait for a little paper slip saying I owe xyz + handling fee. I don't know much about how this works though!
  11. Gadgetoid

    Papilio DUO Kickstarter - Feedback request!

    Marek has raised an interesting question on the KS, about shipping to the EU: I have the same concerns about the UK. Are you going to look for a Europe/UK based fulfilment partner so that shipping here is completely local? It'd be greatly appreciated, but I'd know nothing of the costs/difficulty of setting something like that up.
  12. Gadgetoid

    Papilio DUO Kickstarter - Feedback request!

    That's a sentiment I can appreciate! It's also what worries me about the Raspberry Pi, and the community at large. We're all attracted to the newest and shiniest thing, and those at the bottom end with the least experience and capability are riding on our coat tails ( admittedly, when it comes to FPGAs I'm very much at a loss myself! ). If something like the Papilio DUO is to really succeed, it needs a lifespan to match the likes of the Arduino Uno or similar. The Arduino basic model has barely changed since its inception, despite minor improvements and a whole halo of more edge-case boards. The Papilio DUO shouldn't be "a board" but a brand which can be built upon and supported, maintaining its community and backlog of resources, for years to come. If that means latching on to an FPGA that's seen as "obsolete" and dragging it waaaay out of its typical lifespan until we've made programming it so accessible that your nan could do it; so be it! I'm an ignorant and passionate dreamer, who speaks from little experience! But I'm sure I probably make a tiny bit of sense.
  13. Gadgetoid

    Papilio DUO Kickstarter - Feedback request!

    Wow, dare I ask which one is your favourite? I'm just going to leave this right here...
  14. Gadgetoid

    RetroCade 1.1 - SID analog filters and SID player!

    I've been working on a set of changes that add in-system patch modification, keyboard splits and more functionality for supporting live play. All things you'd expect from a performance synth. It's been on the back-burner for a few months while I waited for this update, but I hope to get it all up to scratch soon.
  15. Gadgetoid

    RetroCade 1.1 - SID analog filters and SID player!

    Ahoy Jack, I've grabbed the latest RetroCade Sketch from GitHub, and merged all the missing files from "Lite" into the updated full sketch, but it's still missing sidplayer.h Do you have an ETA for when the Sketch source with analogue filters/sidplayer will be available? I've been waiting for it to resume my Performance Mode features/enhancements.