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  1. I've been trying to build a custom bit file from the sources pulled from github, but have ran into a couple of issues. #1 - a couple dependencies seem to be missing from the repo - namely: WORK.spi_slv_sel_comp_pack.all and WORK.spi_mod_comp_pack.all I temporarily worked around that by commenting out the relevant lines, and leaving the declarations within the 'no_spi' conditional clause. Once that was worked-around, another issue cropped up. #2 - NgdBuild:604 - logical block 'swap_pins_Inst' with type 'swap_pins' could not be resolved. A pin name misspelling can cause this, a missing edif or ngc file, case mismatch between the block name and the edif or ngc file name, or the misspelling of a type name. Symbol 'swap_pins' is not supported in target 'spartan3e' my assumption is that a couple of files either weren't uploaded to git, or that I'm looking in the wrong place. thanks,-Edison