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  1. Anwar K Backer

    Starting Problem with Papilio One

    Hello Girish, That worked . I just changed the USB cable cable and now the board is detected. Thanks for the great suggestion. I never thought the new cable will be faulty.. Thank you very much to everybody who helped.. Anwar
  2. Anwar K Backer

    Starting Problem with Papilio One

    The POWER LED is not lighting up when I connect the USB cable. I tried with an External DC source (12V) and POWERSELECT jumper to the "DC jack"position, then the POWER LED is lighting up. But still the board is not recognized by PC. I am uploading one photo of the board also here. Please go through the photo. The RPAR resistor is not wired in the board, as you can see from the photo. Does this has some thing to do with the problem? Thanks Anwar
  3. Anwar K Backer

    Starting Problem with Papilio One

    I bought a new Papilio One board (V2.7) from Gadget factory India website. Received the item really fast. Thanks for the prompt shipment. I installed the latest Windows 7 FTDI drivers (CDM 2.08.28) from their website. Also the papilio loader was downloaded and installed. But the papilio board is not recognized by the PC. Also no LEDs are blinking in the board. I tried with different USB ports of the PC. The Powerselect jumper is positioned for "USB" power. Even the "Detected a new hardware" dialog that should appear for any new device is not popping up. Please help with the issue. Also, the board I received does not contain the VCCO jumper as specified in your documentations. Kindly clarify.