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  1. ezeh

    some segment don't lit

    Hi Hamster. Thanks for your quick reply. I copied your code, pasted it into Arduino 0018, compiled and uploaded to my board. And it looks the same! So at the moment it looks like that my LogicStart-MegaWing has a number of non-functioning segments. Yes, I confirm that I downloaded "LogicStart-MegaWing-2.1-master.zip". I took the folder "Multiplex7SegSW" (containing Multiplex7SegSW.h and Multiplex7SegSW.cpp) and copied it into the Libraries folder of "Arduino 0018" Thanks for letting me know, that this does not fit to my board. Edward
  2. ezeh

    some segment don't lit

    Hi GadgetFactory. First of all I would like to thank you for providing an inexpensive board which allows to gain experience with FPGAs and VHDL with little money. I tried to show numbers on the 7segment display. But for some reason some segments don't lit. (see in the attached picture) What I have: Papilion One 250k BPC3003.2.03-250kLogicStart MegaWingArduino 0018 IDEPIN-numbers from here: http://papilio.cc/index.php?n=Papilio.LogicStartMegaWingand the following sketch:#include <Multiplex7SegSW.h> byte digitPins[] = {11, 8, 2, 0,28}; // LSB to MSB byte segmentPins[] = {7, 10, 5, 6, 3, 4, 9, 1}; // seg a to g and DP #define noOfDigits 5 void setup() { Multiplex7SegSW::set(1, noOfDigits, digitPins, segmentPins); } void loop() { Multiplex7SegSW::writeChar(0,'8'); Multiplex7SegSW::writeChar(1,'8'); Multiplex7SegSW::writeChar(2,'8'); Multiplex7SegSW::writeChar(3,'8'); Multiplex7SegSW::writeChar(4,':'); Multiplex7SegSW::update(); }