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  1. Crusty

    Bascom loader for Papilio One 250

    Jack Many thanks for the fast work around. I will see if this gets things working for me. I will pass on your comments to Mark Alberts at MCS Bascom and see if he can sort out the Hex problem in the Bascom IDE. Best Crusty
  2. Crusty

    Bascom loader for Papilio One 250

    Hi Jack, Your help would be much appreciated, as I hope to write an article "as a beginner" on starting to use FPGA, for a heavily Bascom orientated magazine "Svet elektronike". Best Regards Crusty
  3. I am looking for some help. I am have not been able to get a Bascom programme to load to the Papilio One 250, using the tutorial (Bryan Pape) and download from your site. The board is fine as I have loaded my own VHDL Xilinx ISE bit file and that loads and operates without any problems, using the Papilio loader. I have also tried to load the Bascom .Hex file using the Papilio loader with the (soft-processor) main file .bit the .bmm file and the bascom .hex file, as far as i can see I have followed the information given in the Papilio loader document. Any susgetions would be gratefully received.