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  1. Many thanks,


    So the previous test confirm that they don't have issue to send random data to the JTAG port when the FPGA is not in programming mode.


    And i can't test on a papilio one because the JTAG does not work the same way.

    - Papilio One based on Spartan3e have a JTAG always on.

    - Papilio Pro based on Spartan6 have a JTAG enable only when the push button reboot is pressed.


    Right ?



  2. Thanks you for the trick on FT2232.


    Did you known if the FPGA listen the JTAG port, if it's not in programming mode ? Can random data can do reset or corrupt the programming of FPGA / EEPROM ?

    For the moment, i have only a papilio one 250K which don't have a reset BP like a papilo pro.



  3. Hi,


    I want to use a papilio Pro as dev board, before make my own.

    In this futur board, i will not use a USB interface for the JTAG, but just a simple connector and a Bus pirate[1] in JTAG mode.

    The bus pirate can be setup in a SPI mode too, it's allow communication between the FPGA and a computer.


    If i share the same Bus pirate connector for the SPI interface and the JTAG interface, i will send random data on the FPGA JTAG when it's not in programming mode.

    Does someone know what happen in this use-case ?



    William MARTIN


    [1] http://dangerousprototypes.com/docs/Bus_Pirate