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  1. I think I figured it out. Mavericks now loads the FTDI drivers by default. In order to use libftdi, you need to unload the driver. Here is what I did: sudo kextunload -v -bundle com.apple.driver.AppleUSBFTDI There may be another way to do this. I haven't tried the serial port yet. Pat
  2. I'm away from my mac the next couple of days. I will look into that when I get back. Although, as you say, it may be tricky to do without a connection.
  3. Good idea. I tried my Arduino and that worked. It uses an FTDI chip, but probably a different ftdi driver stack. Pat
  4. I downloaded the Mac Installer. Installation worked fine. But the programmer still can't access the device. Here is the message I get. Could not access USB device 0403:6010. If this is linux then use sudo. I tried it from the GUI and from the command line. On the command line, I tried it with sudo. None of these attempts worked. Pat
  5. Hi, I've been developing Papilio apps on my Macbook Pro. It has been working great so far. Normally, I run ubuntu under vmware and download bit files using papilio-prog. Yesterday, I upgraded to Maverick. Unfortunately, now I can't seem to get papilio-prog to work. If I run it I get the following error. % papilio-prog -c Could not access USB device 0403:6010. I recompiled the source, and I get basically the same message. I also tried it using sudo. I looked at /dev and now I get the following devices. cu.usbserial-00001014B cu.usbserial-141A tty.usbserial-00001014B tty.usbserial-141A I think this has changed, but I can't remember what it used to show. Any suggestions?
  6. pirx

    BMM Files

    Yes, you are guys are too advanced for me! Could someone post the ram definition? I would like to see an 8K address 16-bit bram that works with the spartan6. And the bmm file that goes along with that that works with data2mem. Btw, on the original spartan3 Papilio, I was able to get a new bmm file during the original synthesis process. When I used that bmm file with data2mem, it worked. Thanks everyone.
  7. pirx

    BMM Files

    I have also been playing with the j1 forth processor on Papilio. I got it working pretty easily. But I have not been able to get it to compile with the xilinx tools, or to run data2mem with the Papilio Pro. I'm pretty new to all this, so that isn't surprising. Let me know what you find out. I'd love to try it.