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  1. ishotjr

    Problems Getting Started...

    FYI I posted a very quick review, mostly pertaining to the Kickstarter/customer service experience: Will be going more in-depth once I have the Pro and can really put it through its paces etc. ...
  2. ishotjr

    Problems Getting Started...

    Bit file worked a treat! Set the right COM port in the Dashboard and got sound immediately using PC keyboard! Did not have to select it as MIDI-IN (in fact, got "Device In Use / The selected device is in use by this or another application and cannot be selected"?). Thanks so much Jack!!! Keep meaning to say too: thanks for the update on the Pro/for the awesome offer for 500K users!
  3. ishotjr

    Problems Getting Started...

    Wow! I'd not even managed to reply to say thanks for your first post before you'd already followed through and uploaded the 500K version - amazing - thanks J! Will let you know how it goes!
  4. I am trying to get my RetroCade MegaWing running but am not having much luck; the first thing I did, per the Quick Start, was run the Installer and update the firmware. I did not test it prior to the firmware update. I am not clear if the firmware update worked: I clicked the icon, a window popped up, some text zoomed by in the log area, and then the app closed (I hope - not sure if that's the normal behavior or if it crashed?). Unsure if it had worked, I ran it again, with the same results. I then opened the Dashboard, with the device still plugged in via USB. I checked that the Com Port was set (it was, to 14 - I assume the software figured this out and that I don't need to determine the correct port manually and override?) and then pressed the QWERTY keys, expecting sound. When nothing happened, I tried switching to a different Preset in case the default User one was somehow not capable of producing audio without changes to the settings, and still nothing. I then tried the device "autonomously" - i.e. just connected to a USB power source, not to a PC - I was expecting some kind of boot-up screen then menu on the LCD - all I got was blank characters across the screen, with the top row perhaps a slightly darker shade "box". I am using the wing with a 500K, which I know is not as good as the Pro for the MegaWing, but it should work, right? I had been using the 500K with an Arcade MegaWing prior, but I assume the firmware update made that moot. I have USB selected for the power supply - I was going to try the barrel for "autonomous" mode but couldn't recall/find the DC input specs and didn't want to risk damaging it. I'm really at a loss as to how to troubleshoot...? The one last detail that I wanted to mention: while the left audio jack produces no output, the right actually does: a continual drone - a synth-ish sound vs. something more "problematic" - but it's constant and does not change e.g. with changes to the Dashboard settings etc. Thanks in advance for any help!