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  1. tuxadecimal

    JTAG debugging with ZPUino?

    Hello, I'm completely new to JTAG and wanted to see if I was on the right track here. I was looking at buying one of these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-XILINX-USB-CABLE-DOWNLOADER-PLATFORM-JTAG-DONGLE-/260812659422?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb9a55ade I have a Papilio Pro that I run a (slightly) modified ZPUino on but the core is the same. The main difference is I don't use the UART to program it in the same way ZPUino does, basically I have custom boot loader code. From what I can gather from searching the web and this site it seems easy enough to use IMPACT to program a bit file and it seems I can debug code running on the ZPUino with this as well based on my understanding of how "zpuino_debug_core.vhd" and "zpuino_debug_jtag.vhd" work. So here is where I am at: Solder a header onto the open JTAG slots on the board Put the FT2232 into High-Z mode (does the second channel used for the UART still work in this case?) Program an updated bit file that incorporates the zpuino_debug_jtag(this is the TAP, correct?) with IMPACT And then I'm not sure where to go from there, is there a program that will let me use GDB(zpu-elf-gdb) with this configuration to step through code? Is this what OpenOCD does and if so can I use it with the ZPUino core? Is there anything else I need to do this? Any insight would be much appreciated as to how/if you guys are doing this kind of thing. Thank so much.
  2. tuxadecimal

    Problems with ISE Source Wizard

    Thank you for your help! My license was fine, tried that first but the problem was with the 14.4 version of ISE. 14.3 fixes the problem. I appreciate the suggestion because I was going to uninstall and reinstall 14.4 thinking that might be my problem, considering I hadn't used any previous version it would not have occurred to me that it could be my problem. Thanks again!
  3. tuxadecimal

    Problems with ISE Source Wizard

    Hi, I just bought a Papilio One - 500K. While waiting for it to arrive I was playing around with the ISE Software and I was trying to follow the DCM tutorial but was unable to use the ISE IP Wizard. Here are my project settings: When I try and go into the soure wizard and add the DCM it says it's not compatible with my part: But it is: In fact, I can't add any IP to it. Everything everywhere is grayed out. If I click on "Only IP compatible with chosen part" I get nothing: Can someone show me what I am missing? Thanks very much in advance for any assistance!