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  1. I have a similar issue. Rob described that his Loader showed V2.1 and he had installed v2.4. I have the same issue but that issue was not fully resolved. I used to use the old "DOS" downloader/programmer to my Papilio One 500 gate. Then I tought I should upgrade my downloader to the windows loader version v2.4 as I wanted to use my new Papilio Pro with this new fancy windows application. Same thing here the installation file says Papilio Loader-2.4-Setup. But when installed the Loader top bar it says v2.1 and also in the about box v2.1. And I cant select a Papilio Pro as a target. I have not even installed the windows Loader v2.1? (Or maybe I have and forgot?) Is the installation program detecting what driver I have on my system and install Loader versions variants depending on that? Also when I install the application the installation wizard says that v2.4 will be installed. Any suggestions? Best Regards Niklas
  2. NiklasW

    Bad USB cable for the Papilio.

    I got a free USB cable when I bought the Papilio Pro Arcade bundle. Really nice to get that included. Unfortunately my USB cable was broken. Could not recognice USB device. I changed the cable to an old one I got and it worked. Just giving the heads up that there might be a batch of bad USB cables. So, my sugestion is to test the cables before they are included in a shipment. Best Regards Niklas
  3. NiklasW

    LogicStart 7seg display current question

    Thanks. Best Regards Niklas
  4. NiklasW

    LogicStart 7seg display current question

    I hope someone that have the data on the design can give me a more exact answer. Type the segment max current is 20mA and if continiously light it draw 25mA or 15mA if it works.
  5. Without multiplexing the IO on the 7-seg display the individual segments seams to be very bright. I dont dare to have them lit continuously. I took a look at the schematic but I could not figure out the current limiting resistors. I dont know how much current each segment can handle. (continuously) Q: is it safe to light the segment without multiplexing? Best Regards Niklas