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  1. cde1023

    VGA Ladder

    Thanks for the fast reply! Indeed I had a look in the meantime at the Terasic DE0 schematics (also a 3*4 bit ladder), and they don't use capacitors or diodes. Now I don't own the Arcade Mega Wing, but the idea of publishing the design as open hardware is very cool! However looking at the schematics can be sometimes frustrating to not understand the reasons underlying some design decisions. It can be like reading source code without comments or documentation Not that it's a bad thing, in fact I see it more like a puzzle to be solved
  2. cde1023

    VGA Ladder

    Hi, I'm building a VGA ladder based on the Arcade Megawing schematics. The use of the four resistors is clear, however I'm wondering: - what values must be used for C3/C4/C5 and what is their use? Can I skip them? - for each color, two diodes connect to 3.3V and GND asymetrically. Similarly, what are they for? (overcurrent protection from a misbehaving monitor?) Can I skip them as well? cde