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  1. Stefano

    Papilio Pro User Guide!

    Hi Alvie, fitting my current synth design into the 16 DSP48 slices available from LX9 would require significant architecture elaboration and algorithm complexity reduction, which at the end might result in affecting the sound quality quite significantly. I roughly estimate it would currently require the resources provided by something in between x45 and x75. That's why I was asking about upgrading the Papilio board with those devices. Anyhow, I agree with you DSP slices working at 100MHz are a very good DSP option, and indeed I plan to explore carefully what the actual resource optimization opportunities would be. To this respect, any suggestions are more than welcome! Thanks, Stefano
  2. Stefano

    Papilio Pro User Guide!

    Hi Jack, that's great! I would actually be more than happy to discuss that with you into deeper details. If you don't mind, feel free to contact me at so that we can see how we could do that. Thanks, Stefano
  3. Stefano

    Papilio Pro User Guide!

    Thanks Jack for your prompt answer. I would be definitely interested in your attempt with ZYNQ. The reason is that I've developed a guitar synth on prototyping hardware which I'm very excited about. It actually requires more computational power compared to LX9, but for sure ZYNQ would be more than enough! It looks like a ZYNQ based Papilio-like board would provide the best match with my system requirements in terms of flexibility, customization/configurability, computational power and hopefully costs. Just let me know if you're interested in getting more details. Thanks again! Stefano
  4. Stefano

    Papilio Pro User Guide!

    Hi, I'm really new at Papilio Pro, though already very excited about it, congratulations for such a nice board! And, not really a HW board design expert, thus my apologies in advance if this is a silly question...I was just wondering, to what extent, and how difficult it would be to reuse the board design and upgrade it with more powerful Spartan 6 FPGAs devices? And if so, up to which one, say X45, X75 or even beyond??? Thanks!